Summary ofshort story after twenty years written by o henry

His last name is not given, possibly because he has changed his last name so many times over twenty years that nobody knows what his real name is.

Summary ofshort story after twenty years written by o henry

What is the plot summary? A plot summary is a description of the story in a novel, film or other piece of storytelling. It is not a review and should not contain the opinions of the author. It should c…ontain all the necessary information about the main characters and the unfolding drama to give a complete impression of the twists and turns in the plot, but without confusing the reader with unnecessary detail.

What is a plot summary in the book In the Year of the Boar and Jackie Robinson who are the main characters? She begins a new… life in America because her father has taken a job as an engineer in the United States.

Many Chinese customs and traditions are discussed, along with their importance to Shirley Temple Wong and her family. Shirley's family does not give up their cultural traditions, but they do adopt many American customs in order to adapt to the American way of life.


The reader enjoys many humorous situations as Shirley fails to understand her new culture and the nuances of theEnglish language. It takes her a while to learn her new language, presenting her with many difficult, and sometimes hilarious, outcomes.

At first, Shirley desperately wants to fit in with her new classmates by playing stickball or by leaving the school for lunch. Because she is of small stature and doesn't have good ball-handling skills, Shirley has trouble fitting in with her classmates' activities. Her efforts are admirable, but her classmates are not encouraged to include her on their teams.

Her habit of bowing to them and her lack of fluent English makes it hard to the children to accept her. Her parents want her to fit in, but they are not adept at helping her.

Noticing her quietness and sadness, her father buys her a pair of roller skates. Not knowing how to skate, Shirley becomes bruised and bloodied from her efforts to learn. It isn't until a fellow fifth grader befriends her that she learns how to roller skate and how to play stickball. This friendship helps her enjoy life in a new land, and to feel more a part of this new culture.

She never loses her connection to the culture of her birth, as she still misses the closeness of her clan ane the interaction with her many cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Bette Bao Lord manages to tie together Shirley's love of her past life in China and her present life in the United States.

She is able to "fit in" without losing her ties to the past. The plot summary of after twenty years?

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Exposition - The beat policeman moves impressively and has a "watchful eye" as he moves up and down his street. He slows his walk at an open doorway and approaches the ma…n standing there.

Rising Action - The man in the doorway lights a cigar and talks with the officer, telling him that he is meeting an old friend after twenty years.

The policeman converses with the man, asking about his friend.

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The man assures the policeman that his friend will come; the policeman asks him how long he will wait for his friend. Climax The friend calls out "Bob," and the man in the doorway greets "Jimmy Wells"; they walk down a street until they stand under a bright street light.

Bob realizes that "Jimmy" is not his friend. An undercover policeman tells 'Silky Bob,' "You've been under arrest for ten minutes. Denouement Resolution 'Silky Bob' reads the note from his old friend who writes that when he recognized him as a wanted man, he had a plainsclothesman come by and pick him up.

What is the summary of After Twenty Years by O'henry? This is a story about 2 freinds who separated 20 years ago. One went in west to make a fortune, the other one was a simpleton and a good fellow and stayed in New York.

They ha…d promised each other that they would meet exactly 20 years later at ten pm. So the first arrived. There was a patroling policeman who enquired about him and got to know about this appointment.

After some time his friend Jimmy Wells comes and they talk, but due to difference in features Bob realizes as soon as he see Jimmy's face that he is not the real Jimmy. The speaker mentioned the police as Jimmy as he was no identified because 20 yrs was a long time.List of the best short story writers of all time.

From Voltaire to George Saunders, a complete list of the greatest short story authors who have written works in English or whose works have been translated into English.

O. Henry Greensboro, North Carolina, United States of America - The Gift of the Magi, The Ransom of Red Chief, After. Sep 21,  · "Hearts and Hands" | O. Henry. A marshal handcuffed to a prisoner boards a train and sits across from a beautiful woman.

She recognizes the marshal, and they catch up with each other. Humorous Short Stories for High School Students. This story is written in a conversational style.

It’s humorous and easy to read. Read "The School" Reviews: Nov 26,  · The short story "After Twenty Years" is one of over short stories written by O. Henry, during a three-year period between and Great Short Stories!

There are thousands of short stories in our short story library, but with so many stories and so little time, we did you the favor of collecting our favorite short stories in one place for you to enjoy. Happy reading! "After Twenty Years" is one of the short stories included in the audiotape collection O.

Henry Favorites, released in by Listening Library of Old Greenwich, Connecticut. Readings in this collection are by Robert Donley and Jack Whitaker.

Summary ofshort story after twenty years written by o henry

Summary Ofshort Story After Twenty Years Written By O Henry. When you spend time in jail, you get a new view on life. Since O' Henry spent some time in jail for embezzling, his stories all seem to have a lawless element.

Running from the law seems to be a big part of his short stories, and even more than his famous surprise endings, the obvious similarities between the stories, especially the.

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