Three essays on economics

History[ edit ] The classical economists produced their "magnificent dynamics" [3] during a period in which capitalism was emerging from feudalism and in which the Industrial Revolution was leading to vast changes in society.

Three essays on economics

Abstract This dissertation studies issues related to a market channel.

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The first essay uses IRI coffee data to estimate six games that model retail-manufacturer interaction with a mixed Logit demand specification. The six games include a vertical integration model, a vertical Nash game, a manufacturer Stackelberg game, a generalized manufacturer Stackelberg game, a retailer Stackelberg game and a generalized retail Stackelberg.

The best-fit generalized manufacturer Stackelberg game indicates that coffee manufacturers have significant channel power and price transmission is very poor in the US ground coffee market. The second essay develops a price collar theory for linking prices in a market channel by regulation to redress channel power.

Under certain conditions changes in post-regulation retail, wholesale, and input factor prices can be predicted. The theory is then applied to the Southern New England fluid milk market to demonstrate how price collars can be used to eliminate excessive profits. The third essay develops an efficient bargaining framework in a multi-brand setup and applies it to analyzing the strategic effect of private label products.

Empirical results show that private label gives retailers bargaining power over factory brands in the Boston fluid milk market.THREE ESSAYS ON EXCHANGE RATE ECONOMICS A country’s economy is becoming more and more dynamic and complicated in its scale and mobility.

So, the concerns of exchange rate economics have become more popular.

Three essays on economics

My research interest is in international economics with its major factor, exchange rates and other. ABSTRACT This dissertation presents three essays in economics. Firstly, I study the problem of allocating an indivisible good between two agents under incomplete in-.

Online Books: Engines of Creation by K.

Three essays on economics

Eric Drexler. The book that introduced the word “nanotechnology” to the world. As riveting today as when it was published in Chapter three is dedicated to investigating the impact that policies that change the legal framework that governs workers' dismissals by rms have on.

André Gama Three Essays in Labour Economics.. THREE ESSAYS IN EXPERIMENTAL ECONOMICS Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des Grades Doctor oeconomiae publicae (Dr. oec.

publ.) an der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. In order to achieve the goal in alleviating poverty, the developing country must involve engagement of three important parties: government, international.

Three Essays in Labor Economics